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Norton privacy manager is the best security solution that keeps private the information you share online. It helps you to manage and control your personal information. This product helps you to create virtual profiles for private browsing and shopping online. It also offers the feature of a Password Manager. Therefore, this feature helps to create and manage passwords for all your online accounts. It is all in one app that helps keep your online privacy. You can privately communicate and browse online. This product offers various features that can work best in redefining your experience.  Norton Privacy Manager

Features and Benefits Of Norton Privacy Manager

  • Safeguard Your Personal Information With Your Virtual Profile 

  1. This product safeguards your online activity from being accessed by cybercriminals by using a Virtual profile. 
  2. Also, you can create multiple Sudo virtual profiles that protect your personal information. 
  3. You can use Sudo virtual profile when you connect online. 
  4. Sudo virtual profiles can have a unique phone number, and email address. 
  5. You can create different Sudo virtual profiles for different online activities. These activities include shopping, looking for a new job, arranging travel etc.  
  6. You have to assign a phone number, email, and password to each Sudo virtual profile. So, that you can shop and browse privately online conveniently.   
  • Passwords On Your Fingertips 

  1. Get your passwords on your fingertips when you register for accounts online. 
  2. With the help of this product, you can easily organize and manage your password.
  3. You can generate, store and synchronize passwords across devices. 
  4. It stores your passwords in a secure cloud-based vault that only you can access. 
  • Secure Communications With Email, Text, and Phone Number

  1. You can keep your conversations and messages private. For that, you have to use disposable phone numbers and email addresses. 
  2. It helps to keep your digital profile safe without giving out your phone number. 
  3. It prevents spam from your personal email when you shop online using a private email.   
  • Keep Search History Private

  1. You can browse the web using this product with its built-in VPN. VPN is a browser that doesn’t track data when you visit your searches. 
  2. It also helps in preventing targeted ads.  
  3. Now, you can connect online with the reassurance that your information won’t be tracked. 
  •  You can privately communicate and browse online. For that, you don’t have to share your personal information. 
  • Norton Privacy manager takes control of your online privacy. 
  • You can enjoy your digital life with the help of this product. 
  • This product allows one user per account. 
  • Each user can access up to 10 Sudo virtual identities. 
  • Safeguards your personal information between the different activities in your life. 
  • The privacy manager is uniquely comprehensive, all in one privacy solution. 
  • You can enjoy discount codes without receiving annoying spam emails, texts and calls.
  • It includes auto-form filing of your private profiles. 
  • You can surf freely knowing that your data has protection. 
Hence, the above information will help you to know more about Norton Privacy Manager. It gives you more control over what information you share. Also, it helps you in keeping your search history private.